Research is a key activity of the Centre

Professor Freeman’s most recent project is a study of the impact in adulthood of international child abduction. Her report was published in December 2014, with a launch event at the Inner Temple in association with 4 Paper Buildings, a recent choice for Jordan’s Family Chambers of the Year Award, where Professor Freeman is an Academic Tenant. She has since been appointed Principal Research Fellow at the University of Westminster, where the Centre’s Research Hub is now located. Her next research project is currently seeking funding for further research in Child Law.

Her prior work in this field may be found on the website of the international child abduction charity, reunite,

  1. The Outcomes For Children Returned Following an Abduction, September 2003
  2. International Parental Child Abduction – The Effects, May 2006
  3. UK-Pakistan Protocol on Children’s Matters, Report Summary, February 2009
  4. Relocation: The reunite Research, July 2009

Professor Freeman has also undertaken two reports on Forced Marriage, with Professor Renate Klein (London Metropolitan University and the University of Maine, USA) both of which may be found on the CWASU website,

  • University Responses to Forced Marriage and Violence Against Women in the UK: Report on a pilot study, April 2012
  • College and University Responses to Forced Marriage, 2013

Dr Frances Burton has recently completed her research into Cohabitation Law Reform in English Law (for publication as a monograph in 2017). Her paper setting out the results of this comparative research was delivered in the July 2016 conference programme on the morning of Wednesday 6 July and as a Guest Lecture at Winchester University on 14 October 2016.

Her next research project is on Access to Justice.