The International Centre for Family Law, Policy and Practice

The International Centre for Family Law, Policy and Practice was established in October 2013 to bring together academic, practitioner and policy perspectives on all aspects of Family and Child Law, and to conduct and disseminate cross disciplinary and cross jurisdiction research in the broad area of that important field of English and Comparative Law, in which its Co-Directors have respectively worked for many years.

The new International Centre is a spontaneous development of their earlier work, between 2009 and 2013, at the Centre for Family Law and Practice, which they originally set up to host their two highly successful international conferences in 2010 and 2013 which convinced them of the need for a new international hub to serve the global Family Law community.

For this reason the new International Centre is no longer uniquely associated with a single academic home in England and Wales, but is now an independent Not For Profit company limited by guarantee based in the UK, while developing a number of worldwide links with universities both here and overseas, such as the Centre’s close connection with Westminster Law School at the University of Westminster, where Professor Freeman holds her Principal Research Fellowship.

Please also refer to this website for information about research, activities, and access to the Centre’s journal International Family Law, Policy and Practice. Conference 2019 updates will also be available on the website.

Click here for the Conclusions and Resolutions from the Centre’s very successful July 2019 conference.

Baroness Hale (Patron)

Professor Marilyn Freeman (Co-Director)

Dr Frances Burton (Co-Director)

The Centre mourns the loss of Professor Julian Farrand and Anne-Marie Hutchinson

In this already annus horribilis of 2020, it is with great sadness that we must also now record the deaths, within a short time of each other, of two key founder members of the Editorial Board of the Centre’s journal: Professor Julian Farrand QC(Hon) and Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE QC (Hon), who will both be greatly missed by us all.

Professor Julian Farrand, the husband of our Patron, Baroness Hale of Richmond, sadly passed away after a pulmonary embolism on 17 July, and Anne-Marie on 2 October after a period of illness.

Julian was a distinguished academic, Law Commissioner (1984), Pensions Ombudsman (1989) and Insurance Ombudsman (1994) and a famous Property specialist who, as editor and co-author of the practitioner text Emmet and Farrand on Title, brought his editorial talents to the journal, in respect of which he was Joint Chairman of the Editorial Board from its inception.

Anne-Marie was not only a loyal and much valued founder member of the Editorial Board, which she supported with characteristic generosity and vigour, but also of the Centre and its activities as a whole, to which she devoted time and hands on practical involvement from its earliest days. She was known around the world for her pioneering professional work, particularly in the fields of international child abduction and forced marriage, and her many achievements have been widely recognised by the International Family community.

Full tributes to both will appear in the next issue of the journal.

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