The International Centre for Family Law, Policy and Practice

The International Centre for Family Law, Policy and Practice was established in October 2013 to bring together academic, practitioner and policy perspectives on all aspects of Family and Child Law, and to conduct and disseminate cross disciplinary and cross jurisdiction research in the broad area of that important field of English and Comparative Law, in which its Co-Directors have respectively worked for many years.

The new International Centre is a spontaneous development of their earlier work, between 2009 and 2013, at the Centre for Family Law and Practice, which they originally set up to host their two highly successful international conferences in 2010 and 2013 which convinced them of the need for a new international hub to serve the global Family Law community.

For this reason the new International Centre is no longer uniquely associated with a single academic home in England and Wales, but is now an independent Not For Profit company limited by guarantee based in the UK, while developing a number of worldwide links with universities both here and overseas, such as the Centre’s close connection with Westminster Law School at the University of Westminster, where Professor Freeman holds her Principal Research Fellowship and where, for the third year running Westminster Law School will host a high profile International Family Lawyer’s Guest Lecture, this time by the Hon Diana Bryant, Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia.

Click here for the Conclusions and Resolutions from the Centre’s very successful July 2016 conference.
Baroness Hale (Patron)
Professor Marilyn Freeman (Co-Director)
Dr Frances Burton (Co-Director)


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