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International Family Law Policy and Practice

The Centre’s online journal International Family Law Policy and Practice is usually published two or three times a year and reflects the Centre’s work in addressing the interface between academe and practice in the broad area of Family Law, together with the policies which influence both the law and the way it applies.

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Potential contributions should be sent to the Editor, Dr Frances Burton, at Frances was also previously the Editor of the journal Family Law and Practice (no longer published). However the complete archive of Family Law and Practice, which she edited from 2009 to 2013, can be found on her website,

International Family Law and Practice aims to strike a balance between newsworthy topicality and in-depth study, and between scholarly comment and information on current issues: and also aims to flag up topics which may not yet be fully developed but may soon become so, particularly in an international context. Articles are peer reviewed and content monitored by a distinguished editorial board.